Digital Tin Cans (retrocomputing)

My collection started eons before Ebay changed the way we trade old computers; unfortunately I have never been rich enough to dedicate much of my budget to my passion.
It may not seem that big but is well conserved and, above all, is complete and operational and when I mean operational I mean you can sit down in front of one of these oldies and start programming in Pascal, Comal, Logo, PiPs, Fortran, Lisp, Prolog and Occam!
I am not gonna expose my collection here. I will rather put some "howTos" on those machines and their lost dialects and maybe some other stuff. It's called Retrocomputing now, no way: I still feel there is much to be done when I switch on my PET.

UNDER COMPLETION: an absolutely non-exhaustive list of the hardware

Bigger than a shoebox..

Acorn Atom, Acorn BBC B, Amstrad CPC 464, Apollo Domain 100, Apple II:II+:IIe:IIc:IIgs, Apple III, Apple Lisa, Apple Macs, Atari 400:800, AT&T PC1, Commodore PET 2001:3008:4008:4032:8096-sk, Commodore 500, Commodore Vic20, Data General One, Digital PDP 11-23, Digital MicroPDP 11-74, Digital VaxStation 3500, Dragon 32, Elan 64, GRID Portable, Grundy Newbrain, HP85, IBM PC:XT:AT:XT286, IBM Portable, IBM Convertible, IBM RS-6000-250, Interak, MAI Basic-4, MSX (various), NCR DecisionMate V, Oric I, Osborne I, Olivetti M20, Olivetti M21, Philips P2000T, Salora Fellow, SGS NanoComputer, Sinclair ZX80:81, Sinclair Spectrum48, Sinclair QL, Sord 323, Spectravideo 328, Sun 3-160, Tandy Model IV, Tandy CoCo model III

Smaller than a shoebox..

Casio PC100, Epson px8, HP 11, HP12, HP21, HP34, HP38, HP41Cv, HP75, HP95LX, Olivetti M10, Psion, Sharp PC1242, SharpPC1500, Sharp PC3000, TI30, TI57, TI58c, TI59+PC100, TI66, TI74, TI95