Brief resume


Self-promoting is a shameful practice.. But also a strongly needed one ;-)
Here I am, Gabriele Bozzi: passionate about technology, in particular IT, and being there for living.
I am one of those who love to see how my job evolves and I feel comfortable knowing my systems are running and serving their purposes: more I don't need for God's sake!
My infatuation for blinking lights, coloured switches and whirling disks has improperly degenerated in collecting and documenting pre-90s computers and mainframes: quite bulky I know.
It explains why since my first computer (we called a TI59 a computer) I started preserving those "Marvellous machines ", nobody at the time ever thought a computer could have become a sought collectable item but yet, nobody thought 640Kb was to become a limit then!.
Whatever: being actual, I sense "good vibrations" when I have at hands a Power5 or I am in proximity of a Petasite.
Well.. I am at the upper end of my 30s, yet I still feel the pressure and enthusiasm on anything I endeavour and I really could not imagine me sitting idle a moment doing nothing or staying more than 24 hours without staring at a funny creature on an O'Reilly cover.

Doctor, please, call me insane but tell me the truth: do you think it's bad?


Streamlined, evolutionary list of what I learned hanging around in the world of IT.

  • UNIX administration (HP-UX, Solaris).
  • Linux administration.
  • Windows admin(istrator).
  • Oracle DBA (OCP)
  • A nittty gritty hands-on on clusters.
  • Disaster Recovery and prevention: EMC Legato, Veritas Backup, HP DataProtector.
  • Storage (HP EVA, Sun Arrays, an exposure to EMC hardware, NAS)
  • Plone.
  • MS-Exchange, Novell Groupwise.
  • Virtualization (where did I put that Windows 2003?!!): VmWare, Xen
  • System monitoring: SNMP, Nagios, Openview, Tivoli.
  • More or Less related to IT:

  • Microcontrollers (AVR is my favourite).
  • Discrete electronics.
  • Virtual instrumentation (LabView).
  • Languages:

  • Italian: mother tongue.
  • English: fluent.
  • Flemish: good.
  • French: good.
  • Some of my past jobs

    Who, what, when: do not pretend too much, this is a concise and incomplete resume.

    Lanxess (Antwerpen - BE) 2007
    Lanxess has taken over 7 production units from Bayer in the chemical sector in the region of Antwerpen.
    As an external consultant my duty is to supervise the technology takeover and the migration to actual platforms. A lot of Oracle, VmWare, HP-UX and a great deal on making these systems well documented.

    Manuchar (Antwerpen - BE) 2006
    Manuchar is a global commodities trader and logisitc partner.
    I was hired as an Oracle DBA in order to manage the migration and rewrite of the enterprise system. I ended up acting as system architect and much more. I love when I can span over the boundaries.

    BeTV (Brussels - BE) 2004-2005
    Formerly Canal+ Belgique: the pioneer in pay-tvs and service oriented television. I was employed as Oracle DBA and infrastructure manager (storage and backup). I have been busy laying down an ID and provision system based on MIIS. I also played with clusters and HA stuff from concept to deployment.

    European Federation of Investment Funds Associations (Brussels - BE)
    Since 2001 I have been the CIO of the organization's secretariat. I manage the systems (Solaris-Windows), keep an eye on security and define storage and Disaster Recovery policies. I am the DBA of the official European Funds Statistical Database.
    Using PloneI developed and maintained the association's portal and we put in limited access version 3 in April 2007.

    Dirk Bikkembergs (Brussels - BE, Paris - FR, Luxembourg - LU)

    2000-2001, as an external consultant I contributed to the "stabilization" of the IT infrastructure: this involved deployment of Linux based groupware solutions (SuSE Open Exchange) and consequent Windows client integration.
    Previously I developed an internal shared DB for the sales team.
    Authored requirements and feasibility studies for the above mentioned solutions.

    Various (Italy, UK, France)

    Too old, too many, too much to say. Just a list of some of them.
    Benetton UK (London - UK)
    Gianfranco Ferrè
    D&P Distribuzione
    Own family business

    CERN (Geneve -CH)
    1992, the rookie joined a team of senior researchers. I was a humble LabView programmer having a University Stage. I have seen doing such things there.. Sometimes I still wonder if it was real or not and no SF film still can approach that.
    I worked with Camac and VME hardware and developed a data-logging system connected to a particle scintillator the project was called RD22 (very self-explanatory I guess) and afaik it worked well!


    Do you really want to know why I have this site, why it is in english etc.

    I found this site by following a fashion directory link; why it is something completely different?
    Well... We used (my family and I) to have some involvement in the fashion biz with three stores and one of the first e-commerce sites under the .it domain.
    Today that activity has been ceased and everybody took along her way.. We have just more time for ourselves and I can be again in my environment: this.

    It's a .it site: why are you still writing in English?
    Not certainly because I feel a sort of Lord Byron !!
    I live in Belgium and I work and know people across several countries in Europe. I guess I would not give up my .it domain ever but I am forced to speak a common language for everybody.

    In Belgium? Where? and Why?
    Better explain before why:, this is my wife's company: yes I am married with a shiny Flemish jewel and we are happy thriving in one of the most crowded and polluted countries of Europe (also one of the most stressed).
    We live in Beveren (A brief excursion on Mappy should report it quite near Antwerpen), she still works in fashion (fashion-addicted animal she is, me not), both of us love to spend time together whenever is possible.

    The meaning of this site?
    No meaning, I just have some space and I give my contribution to pollute the Internet by publishing some useful (so to speak) resources about my job.

    efama "efama">/a< European Fund and Asset Manager Association